Whether you use a rotary tumbler with stainless steel media, or an ultrasonic cleaner (which is what I use), you need to use a cleaning solution. Until relatively recently, I have been searching for the perfect solution. I tried:

  • Hornady One Shot
  • Citranox Industrial Cleaner (an acid-based solution)
  • A “Home Brew” of Vinegar, Dawn dish-washing soap, and salt (another acid-based solution)
  • Lemi Shine (another acid-based solution)
  • Bore Tech Case Clean

I found that Hornady doesn’t clean the primer pockets all that well, and that all the acid-based solutions were similar, yielding “okay” results. In all of them, I’d labor away at the primer pockets, trying to get them free of carbon. Additionally, cases tend to tarnish if left in the acidic solutions for too long – something I do a fair amount during my busy life. So I soured (pun intended) on those cleaners.

I few months ago while replenishing my Bore Tech cleaners for my rifles, I stumbled onto their Case Clean product. I’m a fan of their other products to decided to give it a try.

In this video, I do a side-by-side comparison of an acidic solution, Hornady One Shot, and Bore Tech. You can probably guess which one wins out, but check it out in the video:


Products Referenced in This Video:

Bore Tech Case Clean

Hornady One Shot Case Cleaner

Citranox Cleaner

Hornady Ultrasonic Cleaner