Two Minutes to Target is dedicated to giving short, informative posts and videos about all things related to long range precision shooting. With so many people entering the sport, this site is meant to offer quick access to information and provide a strong foundation on which form your own experiences and opinions. I know you might get tired of seeing this, but all information on this web site and in associated videos is opinion and not to be confused with advice provided by a professional. Please read the full disclosure on the web site.

What are the guidelines?

  • Most videos will be two-minutes (and change) long (or less). In other words, you’ll get to the meat of the subject in under three minutes.
  • Occasionally, more complex videos will go longer, but in no cases will they go past 5 minutes total.
  • Videos will range from basic to highly advanced
  • This sport is filled with opinions… lots of them. My opinions may not match your own. Please feel free to comment, but be respectful.
  • Shooting is getting more and more politicized. Talk of anything politics related will be removed. Keep it about the sport.
  • If you have a request for a video topic, I can’t guarantee I’ll meet it, but I will look at it and respond. Feel free to contact me.